Requesting Quotes

Greetings! There are two times that you will need to request a quote from us here at Merlin’s Magic Plaster. Over 150 lbs and Local Pickup How do I get a quote? E-mail: Include: Your store username & what you would like to order. I’ll complete the invoice and attach it to your account, […]

Shipping Update (again)

This has been a bit of a quest to find all the programming bugs. Some of you mentioned to me that Drop Ship shipping was a bit off, so I reprogrammed it. I’ve sat down and figured out the proper cost from 25 lbs to 200 lbs shipments by individual states. You’ll now see based upon your […]

Shipping Update!

Shipping Now More Accurate There was a small issue in the coding for shipping that may have come up for a small percentage of customers. If you ordered multiple colors that could fix into a single box, the system could not figure out how to combine them into a single box for calculation of shipping. […]

Website Updates

The website updates are coming along well. That doesn’t mean I’m stopping here, there are a few things that are taking some time to complete. How to Guides There are more How to Guides in the coming days. Next major one I want to get to you is using Excalibur with your molds. It takes […]

Excalibur is here!

Excalibur has arrived to be purchased. It is available in the same formats that you can purchase Merlin’s Magic in. Why the price difference? Excalibur is a higher density and harder stone than Merlin’s, or in short it costs more all around for the properties that it holds. This also unlike others is not necessarily […]

New Packaging

New Packaging Arrived Today The new resealable packaging arrived today.  Each package is stamped with the logo for Merlin’s Magic, 5 lbs,  and the color in waterproof ink. These are brown bags which are lined with a plastic interior, and easy to fold down top with fasteners. They hold up quite well to the rigors that […]