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Updates on Bulk over Drop Ship

We just received the order from the Manufacturer yesterday this does indeed mean that I could turn back on Drop Ship. There are two aspects of this that make me warry of doing so. 

FedEx finally did reach out to all my queries in January – yesterday. The $24 surcharge on top of shipping for 50lb boxes is here to stay. Even if we did the work around, those that got grandfathered in without it, are loosing it here come next January. 

Once I unwrapped the pallets yesterday I noticed on the Drop Ship boxes. “Net Weight 47.5 lbs”  I make sure Bulk packaged are indeed 50 lbs. You paid for 50 lbs, and that’s what I send out. I don’t order in 25lb boxes so I don’t know if they have a change to them or not. 

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Bulk is Staying

When we found out the manufacturer was closed and people still wanted Drop Ship, we looked at our shelves recently restocked and started offering Bulk so that people could still get plaster. Many of you were grateful since being inside and not going out gave you time to catch up on your crafting backlog. The overall opinion of this is people like it. 

So we took a look at things and are going to keep the offering around. There is only one change coming to Bulk as it rolls out for the long run – the price. One thing that in our hurry to keep people in plaster is I did underestimate the pricing of Bulk. I was more in issue crisis mode of get people what they wanted I did miscalculate all the costs in providing it.