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Requesting Quotes +150


There is one time that you will need to request a quote from us here at Merlin’s Magic Plaster.

Over 150 lbs

How do I get a quote?

Include: Your store username & what you would like to order.

I’ll complete the invoice and attach it to your account, you then login and pay the order. I then ship it out for you.

We’re working on fully integrating this into the system, but coding takes time.

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What is Mixed Colors?

There is now an option in the pre-packaged options of both Merlin’s Magic and Excalibur for “Mixed”.

“Mixed” is that you want to buy multiple colors but get the price break on buying larger quantities. This is now available.

How do I use Mixed?

Select the total amount of product you want and then in the box under the drop downs type in the colors and amounts you want. Add to cart and your cart will show the amount of product and a note that you typed in regarding what mixture of colors you want. I package the product and match what you typed in.

Any limitations? Two straight forward ones

First, common sense the amount you choose has to match the amount your paying for, asking for 10 pounds and typing in 20 pounds will result in an email from me asking what you want or to make up the difference.

Second, they need to be in five pound increments. If you really need smaller than five pounds increments, email me and I’ll see how we can handle the custom order. If it’s something as simple as I need seven pounds of gray and eight pounds of white – I can handle that.

Can I “mix” Merlin’s Magic and Excalibur?

No, the reason is they have different cost points. You can put in an order for Merlin’s Magic “mixed” and Excalibur “mixed” in the same order. Not putting both in the same mixed box under either of the individual pages.

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Is Drop Ship the Most Cost Effective?

Actually it may not be, depending on where you live.

I’ve noticed when processing Drop Ship orders that the cost of shipping to places like the West Coast and North East US it was actually more for people after shipping then it would be if they purchased Pre-package with it’s steady flat rate shipping cost.

The other advantage is that you get the packages in smaller, weight controlled, and re-sealable packages that you can handle and move around easier than the larger boxes.

For assistance to see which option is better, I’ve posted a chart with the cost differences, and a map of the US (chart for Canada) of your shipping zone, so you can compare your options.

Is Drop Ship the most cost effective? 

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Shipping Update (again)

This has been a bit of a quest to find all the programming bugs.

Some of you mentioned to me that Drop Ship shipping was a bit off, so I reprogrammed it. I’ve sat down and figured out the proper cost from 25 lbs to 200 lbs shipments by individual states. You’ll now see based upon your shipping address FedEx amount your shipping, and your shipping Zone per FedEx. [FedEx 50 lbs – Zone 3]

If you wish to order more than 200 lbs or either prepackaged or drop ship. Please drop us a line via contact us page – and I’ll send you an invoice for your shipping. I did not foresee anyone on a normal basis ordering more than 200 lbs at a time.

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Shipping Update!

Shipping Now More Accurate

There was a small issue in the coding for shipping that may have come up for a small percentage of customers. If you ordered multiple colors that could fix into a single box, the system could not figure out how to combine them into a single box for calculation of shipping. This has now been fixed and updated. So if you wish to order 2 or more products and they fix into a single box – you will now only be charged for that box and I don’t have to manual refund for extra shipping.