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Shipping Update!

Shipping Now More Accurate

There was a small issue in the coding for shipping that may have come up for a small percentage of customers. If you ordered multiple colors that could fix into a single box, the system could not figure out how to combine them into a single box for calculation of shipping. This has now been fixed and updated. So if you wish to order 2 or more products and they fix into a single box – you will now only be charged for that box and I don’t have to manual refund for extra shipping.

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Gallery is looking for you!

Creators, painters, designers, everyone!

If you have works that you have completed we are willing to showcase them for the community of creators. All credit will be given to participants and showcased on the website.

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Website Updates

The website updates are coming along well. That doesn’t mean I’m stopping here, there are a few things that are taking some time to complete.

How to Guides

There are more How to Guides in the coming days. Next major one I want to get to you is using Excalibur with your molds. It takes me a bit of time to do these as I’m stopping and making sure I have a decent picture of each of the major steps.

Can I make a suggestion for a How to Guilde? YES! Either that we need one or that you have one that would look good on the site, drop me a line using the contact me page.

New Payment System

I know not everyone loves PayPal. I’m attempting to get a new payment system online for those that want to just pay directly without having a PayPal account. Needless to say this has been one of the more long drawn out updates. I’m waiting for the financial side to get me the information to put this online. Paypal will not be going away, it will still be a payment option, I’m adding an additional option.


We love posting pictures and showcasing off how wonderful the products look. I’m not particular about if you have it painted or not — honestly some look good right out of the mold as well. I will be trying to get some pieces up here myself in the coming weeks.

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Excalibur is here!

Excalibur has arrived to be purchased. It is available in the same formats that you can purchase Merlin’s Magic in.

Why the price difference?

Excalibur is a higher density and harder stone than Merlin’s, or in short it costs more all around for the properties that it holds. This also unlike others is not necessarily need a vibration method it acts like a flowstone. Excalibur still holds less than a percent expansion rate but at 18,000 psi compressive strength. Details are crisp and virtually bubble free and has a high surface abrasion resistance to prevent nicks and dings to your projects.

Why are you carrying odd colors?

Exaclibur does come in Blue, Green and Violet. I’m not expecting everyone to jump on board with these colors. There are some uses for them in the gaming land. The new release of Starfinder comes to mind, as well as Warhammer gamers wanting a more outer space feel to their settings.

[button link=””]Purchase Excalibur Here[/button]

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New Packaging

New Packaging Arrived Today

The new resealable packaging arrived today.  Each package is stamped with the logo for Merlin’s Magic, 5 lbs,  and the color in waterproof ink. These are brown bags which are lined with a plastic interior, and easy to fold down top with fasteners.

They hold up quite well to the rigors that I put it through to test it for travel by post. If you are used to the plastic bags, these take up a bit less space, hold their shape, and a bit sturdier. I actually put a bag into the old plastic bags to test to see if I could break the new bags and not wear five pounds of hobby stone. The results brown bag 1, plastic bag 0. The plastic bag did not survive but good for testing area and me, the brown bag held up quite well.