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Excalibur is here!

Excalibur has arrived to be purchased. It is available in the same formats that you can purchase Merlin’s Magic in.

Why the price difference?

Excalibur is a higher density and harder stone than Merlin’s, or in short it costs more all around for the properties that it holds. This also unlike others is not necessarily need a vibration method it acts like a flowstone. Excalibur still holds less than a percent expansion rate but at 18,000 psi compressive strength. Details are crisp and virtually bubble free and has a high surface abrasion resistance to prevent nicks and dings to your projects.

Why are you carrying odd colors?

Exaclibur does come in Blue, Green and Violet. I’m not expecting everyone to jump on board with these colors. There are some uses for them in the gaming land. The new release of Starfinder comes to mind, as well as Warhammer gamers wanting a more outer space feel to their settings.

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